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month were the first lions to be born at the zoo. >> bite your head off when they get big. >> and back at 11:00. >> never mind. >> what? >> thank you for watching eyewitness news on maryland's news station. there is much more ahead on the cbs evening news >> couric:. >> smith: tonight, the white house crashers, they didn't just sneak into the state dinner, they got to meet the president and the secret service is now considering whether to press criminal charges. i'm harry smith. also tonight, tiger woods big scare. we'll have the latest on the car crash that sent the world's highest-earning athlete to the hospital. millions hit the malls on black friday, retailers say if you plan to wait for better deals, you might be out of luck. and the high school drama
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teacher who's bridging the racial divide by teaching his students the american spirit. >> i don't like your kind, yeah, i said it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> smith: good evening. katie is off. we begin with several new developments in the case of the couple who snuck into tuesday night's state dinner. late today, the white house said the husband and wife didn't just mingle with guests, they actually met president obama on the receiving line. and the director of the secret service apologized for the security breach saying his agency is deeply concerned and embarrassed. bob orr is in washington tonight with the latest. bob? >> reporter: harry, the most notorious break-in since watergate has taken on a high-powered twist, with word the party crashers hawaii hi and tareq salahi came face to face with president obama at today's state dpiner.
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confirmation came late today from the white house who said the couple who attended the event without an invitation did meet the president at the receiving line. that means somewhere there's likely a white house photo of the unauthorized encounter but the picture has not been released. the secret service has taken full responsibility for the breach saying in a statement "that failing is ours." the secret service confirms it didn't verify the salahis were on the invitation list, saying they should have been prohibited from the event entirely. the salahi were waved through and it appears the secret service did not call to find out if the salahis had been invited. other guests including katie couric say security measures they encountered tuesday night appeared unusually lax. >> i was struck because when i go to the white house to do an interview the security is much more elaborate to get a temporary press pass. and here it just seemed much more relaxed. >> reporter: the secret service points out the couple was screen bid a metal detector and
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undisclosed security tools. still, critics say the uninvited and unvetted couple could have presented a real threat. >> in this case the secret service admitted-- to their credit-- that they did not check to see if these people were on the guest lists and that also implies that they also did not make sure they put these people through their screening system. >> reporter: but the attorney for the salahis denies the couple crashed the party saying cryptally "my clients were cleared by the white house to be there. more information is forth coming their hobnobbing didn't stop with the president as the salahis posed for pictures with many of the power elite. vice president joe biden, white house chief of staff rahm emanuel and katie couric. >> they weren't anything out of the ordinary. in fact, if anything, they were more sort of animated and gregarious than the other guests. she was quite, almost hyper, if you will but really friendly and pleasant and nice and effusive
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and they just-- gosh-- seemed like they belonged there. >> reporter: then there's the question of conspiracy. did anyone else know about the caper? michaele salahi, rumored to be heading far role in bravo t.v.'s "real housewives" series spent seven hours having her hair makeup done claiming her invitation to the state dinner came in the mail. >> i asked her, "can i see it?" and she said to me "sure." she was like "no problem." she looked in her bag and she didn't have it in her bag. >> reporter: and the bravo network says it had cameras following the couple to the dinner and were under the impression they had been invited. and we've just now received this picture from the white house. you see the couple in question, the salahis, greeting the president on tuesday night. it appears mr. obama is shaking the woman's hand and the husband is looking on. the white house has released the photo without any further comment. and we have to say, so far the salahis have not been charged
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with any crime. it's still possible the secret service-- badly embarrassed-- is pressing hard to figure out what happened in the breach. harry? >> smith: bob orr tonight in washington, thank you so much. now to the story that had sports fans very worried today, at least for a while. tiger woods crashed his car early this morning outside his home in florida and had to be taken to the hospital. the latest now from chief investigative correspondent armen keteyian. >> reporter: according to police, the world's most popular athlete shot off course outside his $2 million mansion in this exclusive orlando nlave around 2:30. he crashed into a fire hydrant at the end of his driveway before smashing into a tree on his neighbor's lawn. the florida highway patrol said alcohol was not a factor in the crash. there was no immediate word as to where woods was headed at that hour or the circumstances surrounding his departure. he was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for what the local mayor called "facial lacerations." at first his injuries were reported as "serious."
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but he has since been released. >> tiger woods was in a minor car accident outside his home last night. he was admitted, treated, and released today in good condition. >> reporter: a source close to woods told cbs news he is doing fine and the injuries were minor. in a statement later posted on his own web site, woods said "we appreciate very much everyone's thoughts and well wishes." >> the year of the tiger again at augusta. >> reporter: the 33-year-old woods has long been in a league of his own. his legacy enriched by memorable duals like this one two summers ago like this one at the u.s. open that woods essentially won on one leg and his remarkable recovery to from major knee surgery to win six event this is season. woods recently became the first athlete in history to break the billion-dollar barrier, to earn a combined ten-figure income from tournament winnings and a blue chip roster of endorsements. from the start, woods has projected and protect add
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crystal clean image off the course. in october, 2004, he married a swedish model. the couple has two adorable children and appear, at least publicly, to be nothing less than the picture of domestic bliss. in the latest news, the local police chief said woods was pulled out of his car by his wife who used a golf club to smash out the back window of the car. when officers arrived, they found woods lying in the street in and out of consciousness with cuts on his lips and his mouth, harry. >> smith: armen keteyian, thank you. this, of course, is black friday the day when america's retailers hope to turn a year's worth of red ink into the color of profits. an estimated 134 million americans will hit the stores by sunday and don teague reports shoppers need to take note: retailers insist the prices you see that weekend may be the best you'll see that holiday season. >> reporter: the nation's retailers have spent months getting ready for today.
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>> if you're in retail today, there are some butterflies. i think there is some caution. it's been a very difficult year. >> reporter: american consumers seem ready, too. >> i love to shop but i'm definitely going for the sales and the bargains and trying to down scale a little bit more. >> reporter: with the still sluggish economy and double digit unemployment, retailers and consumers appear to be playing a game of retail chess, with stores saying they're offering their best deals early and consumers cautiously buying. >> i was laid off from work, so we're going to have a small, short christmas this year. >> everyone's a little bit more focused, they know what needs to be done so shoppers are hitting the stores on a budget and retailers have cut back on inventory and are focusing on prices to really sxwis shoppers. >> reporter: and that will take some work. 93% of americans plan to spend less or the same amount as last year on holiday shopping. the average budget: $6783.
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down from $705 last christmas. still, about one out of every three americans said they planned to go shopping today, lining up to score unbeatable black friday deals. dan lane waited outside a wichita, kansas, best buy for 30 hours. >> there it is. that's what 30 hours waiting in line will get you. >> reporter: the hot item: electronics like video games and flat screen t.v.s. this super target in dallas sold 65 t.v.s within minutes of the doors opening at 5:00 a.m. shoppers are also using more technology to help with their searches. one in five are now using smart phones like this one to find what they're looking for at the right price. harry? >> couric: don teague in texas tonight, thank you. while shoppers were buying today jittery wall street traders were selling on word of a debt crisis in dubai. the dow plunged more than 220 points at the open, then partly recovered to close down 154
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points, but dubai really spooked the asian markets, in hong kong, the hang seng fell 8.4% and tokyo's nikkei lost 3.2%. hari sreenivasan has more. >> reporter: in its heyday, dubai seemed like a las vegas of the persian gulf, a boom town that built man made islands so enormous they are visible from space and the world's tallest building still under construction. it was all financed with borrowed money from around the world, but the one/two punch of a global recession and a local housing crisis that evaporated up to 50% of real estate value dried up credit and left dubai with enormous debts. wednesday, the government sent its creditors a chilling message its largest investment company, dubai world, and its largest real estate developer nakheel need an extent to pay $60 billion. the timing of the announcement, on the eve of a muslim holiday, might not have been a coincidence. >> the fact that perhaps today
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is an abbreviated trading session in new york, you know, maybe that's good because clearly the markets are down a little bit. >> reporter: but uncertainty overseas could mean banks here in the u.s. could feel ripple effects and tighten lending standards once again. >> if you're one of the banks that lent them money, if you're one of the bond holders clearly you have something to be nervous about. >> reporter: european banks may bear the brunt. they've lent close to $84 billion to the united arab emirates which dubai is a part of. >> for this to come almost out of the blue it's raised the specter again that maybe we're going to go into a credit crunch part two. >> reporter: dubai world's motto is that the sun never sets on dubai. but with the uncertainty in world markets, dubai could be in for much darker days. hari sreenivasan, cbs news, new york. >> smith: next on the "cbs evening new," the fight against an intruder that's putting a stranglehold on one of america's richest nature preserves.
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s deep,
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how's your daughter, manny? good.
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we were just going over prescription drug plans. medicare, huh? (manny) umm-huh. i'm there next year. yeah, every year during open enrollment i can review my plan. mine still works for me. now how 'bout a plan for up here? (whistles) uh-uh. (announcer) now's the time to review your medicare prescription drug and health plans. visit or call 1-800-medicare. >> smith: they're like holiday visitors who settle in on your couch and refuse to leave-- except these unwanted guests are predators, threatening to squeeze the life out of the everglades which cover 1.5 million acres of south florida, home to more than 800 species, including 60 kinds of reptiles and amphibians. as kelly cobiella reports, one of those reptiles is a growing menace to almost anything that moves. >> reporter: huntingen? the florida everglades. >> look at this.
7:15 pm
what's this? >> reporter: they're looking far snake in the grass, but not just any snake, a giant predator from asia with a knack for disguise. the burmese python. >> you could be two feet away from one coiled up and not notice it until the animal moves. >> reporter: snake experts have been stalking and snagging the animals from florida's swamps for four months, an experiment to control a population that is exploding and expanding all the way to backyards. >> this one was found about... whoo, he's trying to climb up andbte me. >> reporter: estimates put the burmese python's numbers as high as 100,000. one snake can lay a hundred eggs every three months. they shy away from people but an adult will strangle and swallow just about anything in the everglades. problem is, nothing preys on it. out here in the afterglades, the burmese python can grow to 20 feet or more. it's perhaps the biggest example of a much broader problem:
7:16 pm
invasive species thriving in places they don't belong. from a, like asian carp jumping on to boats in the midwest, to z as in zebra muscles clogging pipelines in america's rivers, more than 50,000 invasive species have taken root in the united states and experts say they could cause up to $150 billion in damage every year. >> we end up dealing with productivity losses, perhaps in some cases ecosystem losses. >> reporter: it's a side effect of global trade, species hitchhike on transoceanic cargo ships and produce crossing borders. another culprit: pet owners who decide their exotic friends are too much to handle. >> this one is dead. >> reporter: the u.s. lags behind other countries in regulating invasive species, so states and counties are doing what they can. >> please help keep napa county glassy wing sharpshooter free.
7:17 pm
just say "not in my backyard." >> reporter: in florida's backyard, the python season just ended. 15 licensed hunters caught 37 snakes. hardly a success. yet a consolation for hunters. they're free to sell the skin and the meat. at this market in boston, a pound of python goes for $35. >> you really want to be very careful when you're preparing it as it has a delicate nature. >> reporter: there may be more for the taking next year. scientists fear another big snake is spreading through swamp, the african python, just as big with a nasty temper. kelly cobiella, cbs news, the everglades. >> smith: coming up next, tapes from that northwest plane that flew past minneapolis when we from that northwest plane that flew past minneapolis when we come back. would keep my bones healthy. but i got osteoporosis anyway, so my doctor started me on once-monthly boniva. and he told me something important. boniva works with your body to help stop and reverse bone loss.
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>> smith: we have an update on that incident last month when a northwest airlines jet carrying 149 people dropped out of radio contact then flew past minneapolis before turning around and landing safely. today, the f.a.a. released audio recordings from that tense night >> do you hear minneapolis center? >> smith: the airbus 320 jet had overshot the minneapolis/st. paul international airport by more than 100 miles before controllers finally heard from the pilot.
7:21 pm
>> smith: after the pilot maneuvered the plane to prove he was in command, the puzzled controller pressed for more information. he didn't get much. >> smith: the pilot and co-pilot never did provide much more of an explanation and the f.a.a. revoked their commercial flying licenses. there has been a death in our
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cbs news family. former producer bernard birpl balm died on thanksgiving day. he had been at cbs news since 1951. bernie was an associate producer for the "cbs evening news" with walter cronkite when it became the nation's first half hour evening news broadcast in 1963. he played a major role in coverage of the kennedy assassination and the vietnam war and for years was the senior producer for "on the road" with charles kuralt. in 1964, he and kuralt produced "christmas in appalachia." a documentary about unemployed coal miners that became part of the impetus for president johnson's war on poverty. he was 89. spirit to share with friends around the country. you know, priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service makes shipping simpler than no-bake peanut cluster. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. so sending macadamia moos to miami costs the same as sending sugar trees to sante fe? same price for snicker doodles to spokane
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so while you tune in i'll be somewhere getting out. i live. i ride. i am. jeep. >> smith: finally tonight, there's a new high school musical on the boards, but this one is not about making the team getting the part, or winning the competition. as bill whitaker reports, it's about life and death and the american spirit. ♪ that's what's expected of me >> reporter: jamal speaks drashgs ma teacher at l.a.'s inner city dorsey high dreaming big. >> here we go! >> reporter: he wrote a high school musical, one dream come
7:26 pm
true. >> that's how it's done. >> reporter: but his big dream? >> the story needed to be told for the kids. >> reporter: saving lives. his students come from some of the roughest parts of the city. ♪ never could have made it... >> reporter: gang violence in east l.a., often between blacks and latinos, flares with numbing frequency. 110 kill so far this year. >> my first four years i lost four kids back to back to back to gang violence. ♪ there's a war going on... >> reporter: devastated but determined to make the difference, he put the black/brown culture clash on stage. ♪ everything's all right... >> reporter: in his musical, a black teen moves from philadelphia and falls for a latina classmate in l.a. "romeo and juliet" in the'hood. ♪ i don't care what the rules say, i don't care... ♪ >> reporter: interracial love
7:27 pm
amidst interracial turmoil. >> this brand is on the other side of "high school musical" because it's real teens and real issues. >> reporter: it ran at dorsey high last year to rave reviews from the l.a. mayor and the "l.a. times" but speaks dreamed of getting the anti-gang message to all of the city's kids. ♪ going off to california... >> reporter: he opened up casting to performing arts students city wide. does this high school musical really relate to your lives? >> yes. >> somebody dies like, every year that i knew from seventh grade to my senior year. >> my dad was involved in gangs, too. he has tattoos all over his face on his arms. >> reporter: he got busy fund-raising. >> now it's time to pull out the money. >> reporter: meeting and pleading. >> the asking price that i'm asking is $5,000. >> reporter: which got him funds from the city, sets from a theater company, and the stage at club nokia downtown. a professional venue.
7:28 pm
managing the kids on stage... >> work it! >> reporter: and mentoring them off. >> don't worry about anything, it's going to take car itself. >> i told him "you're like the dad i never had." and i love him. >> here we go. ♪ let's get the rhythm of the hand... ♪ >> as the play came together, so did the cast. >> it didn't take that long for everybody to be, like, hey, hey. >> reporter: finally it's opening day. kids streaming in from all over l.a. >> broadway, here we come ♪ black is whack, the world is taking over, ♪ you can tell your momma that... ♪ >> the audience gets it. >> we can get more together and more united. >> there's no difference between us. >> if this thing goes to broadway, that would kick butt. but if it doesn't the fact that there are kids making different decisions for me, i couldn't ask for anything more. ♪ i don't care about nothing now i'm studying you... ♪ >> reporter: call it a down payment on his dream.
7:29 pm
(cheers and applause) >> reporter: bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> smith: that's the "cbs evening news," i'm harry smith. katie is back on monday. have a great weekend. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh

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